I am an artist + photographer living in Arizona.  I enjoy a warm cup of coffee, value heart felt conversation, and feel alive and closest to the Lord when I have a creating with my hands. I believe that creativity is a gift from the Creator and to seek joy in creation and surround myself with the beauty of it, is divine. Most days you will find me living a wild life husband Cody and three boys, Russell (age 8), Jaxx (age 5), and Hendrix (age 1). 

"Art" has always been apart of my soul. From a young age, I loved to draw and explore different creative mediums. Naturally, art class was always my favorite. Despite all this, I ended up going to college and studying Graphic Design + Photography. I quickly developed a passion for turning people's memories into a tangible keepsake! The art of capturing a creative moment! Since 2011 I have held a camera in my hand, "catching memories" for the ones who trust me with them.

I never stoped using different mediums, though. I have dabbled in pretty much everything under the sun. Truly, a creative junky at heart. Finding joy in creating in more forms that I thought possible. Creating a home for my family, and the joys and rewards of doing something such as a hands on building project, on my own. Using what I have learned and God given creative talents, to give to others. It has always brought me so much joy! And as of 2022, I have had a deep desire in my soul to pick up my paint brushes again. So here I am – creating art in what feels like all forms.

I am inspired by nature and the giving to others. I like to use memories (photos) I have taken personally as inspiration in my paintings. Places I have seen and don't want to forget. And now can turn into a new medium of art.

Being creative reminds me of God's goodness and how He is the ultimate artist! All things, designed and painted into existence, by the one true God!

Through my work I hope to inspire you to see beauty of memories, and perhaps the beauty of artistic moments. I hope you can see my efforts to share moments with you in both photo and art.

Thank you for being here.

With sincere gratitude,


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