A Floral Dessert Bar

I feel so fortunate t have so many wonderful women in my life. While I didn't "host", when my friend Kate approached me about opening up our home for her baby shower, I was thrilled! I absolutely love have people over and was excited and felt honored that she would want it in my home.

In response to this, naturally, I wanted to be involved in some way – So I offered to provide all the desserts for the occasion.


She is expecting a sweet baby girl in October so we went with a Floral Teacup shower. And while this was a morning event, you can never have too many desserts to choose from.

As a favorite flavor of momma-to-be, Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting made a big hit. I have a family recipe for the most delicious Carrot Cake you will ever eat, so I put them in small cupcake form!

Paired with Mini Cinnamon Donuts drizzled in White Chocolate + Dipped Rice Crispies! I may or may not have bought the large Costco box of these, dipped 20 and ate the rest over the last month! We just wont talk about that part!

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a special day for you, Kate!