My son and his new adventure...

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if the photo I posted on Russell's first day of Preschool might be included in a video for Motherly about sending your kiddo off to their first day of school. As a big fan of Motherly, I said yes. I got the link this morning and I sobbed in front of my coffee this morning.

Russell is currently upstairs sleeping in, after a long day. I sit in front of my coffee at almost 8am, prepared to get a start on my day. As I watch the video link that Motherly sent me, I am flooded with so many feelings.

I feel like most weekends, when my husband and I have time to spend whole days together as a family, we continuously talk about how much we love Russell. How good of a boy he is and is becoming. When we get home late and have to transfer a sleeping boy from our car to his bed, sometimes we stand together and stare in awe and the beautiful gift from God we have been given.


My "baby's" life beyond our home has began and it is from this point forward that I continue to sob at his accomplishments, his strengths, his gifts, and beyond. We are learning quickly as parents that it is a tricky dynamic – being okay with time, that is. I love watching him grow and feeling proud at this things he does. However – I feel sad that I can't carry him for more than a few minutes; that he corrects me if I am wrong about what is going on in his favorite little TV show; that he wants to attempt to dress and undress himself. As I said in my instagram post a few weeks ago... time has no mercy.

Happy Monday, friends. Make sure to hug your kiddos tight every day. It is another day time won't ever give us back.

Baby Suppe Gender Reveal


My entire pregnancy so far, I have been so unsure of what we were having. There would be days I would be hopeful for a boy, and others I was hopeful for a girl. But never did I feel certain of what babe was.

Cody and I have always talked about our "ideal" kid line-up as if we ever had any choice at all! haha. We said, and still say it is Boy / Boy / Girl. So, as I lay in the ultrasound chair at 14 Weeks Pregnant, watching little babe on the screen, I wondered what he or she was– The tech knew I wanted her to write it down. As we wrapped up, I asked her, "How confident do you feel in your accuracy?" Knowing perfectly well that is was still early to see the gender. Without hesitation, she responded, "100% Confident!" In that very moment I knew it was a boy. I feel for obvious reasons, ha, however, I know you can be just as confident with a girl as well. Regardless – in that moment, maybe call it intuition, I knew we were going to be having a baby boy.


As I left, I quickly drove over to my friend house and delivered the sealed envelope that housed the gender of our second kiddo. We would wait 3 days more before knowing our God delivered fate. 

Lone behold, when we shot the confetti canons a few days later – a Baby Boy it is! Russell really wanted a baby sister. Sorry babe – we are 2/3 complete with our ideal kiddo line up! haha. 

A Floral Dessert Bar

I feel so fortunate t have so many wonderful women in my life. While I didn't "host", when my friend Kate approached me about opening up our home for her baby shower, I was thrilled! I absolutely love have people over and was excited and felt honored that she would want it in my home.

In response to this, naturally, I wanted to be involved in some way – So I offered to provide all the desserts for the occasion.


She is expecting a sweet baby girl in October so we went with a Floral Teacup shower. And while this was a morning event, you can never have too many desserts to choose from.

As a favorite flavor of momma-to-be, Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting made a big hit. I have a family recipe for the most delicious Carrot Cake you will ever eat, so I put them in small cupcake form!

Paired with Mini Cinnamon Donuts drizzled in White Chocolate + Dipped Rice Crispies! I may or may not have bought the large Costco box of these, dipped 20 and ate the rest over the last month! We just wont talk about that part!

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a special day for you, Kate!

Red, White, & Blue! Did I just hear Baby #2?!

It wasn't something we intentionally did. But It definitely wasn't an accident either. Russell will be three in September and when the decision to expand our family was brought up, it came down to us giving it to God and letting him do His thing if the time was right.

We are so thrilled to be adding another little person to our clan in January 2019! Be ready for plenty of baby posts in the near future!